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Energy efficient systems

Energy efficient systems for Home or Business. New construction and existing, the future of high efficiency is improving the environment and quality of life for many. Let ATLAS develop your next project into reality.

Construction and

Construction and management for home and business.  ATLAS is Building and growing as a company toward innovation within the contracting community. 

Technology Consulting

ATLAS is developing technologies for the end purpose of improving existing systems. Innovations require insight and that is the resource and reason for development. Forward thinking in many demographics.


ATLAS was made to participate in a community yet according to law based on creation, commands from that beggining and mosaic prophetic principles, then work. Though perfection is not attainable meritoriously, the ever pursuing development of each other and others needs beyond hypocrisy. Regardless of tangible wealth, the true wealth of true religion is basic enough for all to know, love your neighbor or others with reason as self. ATLAS will do business apart from prejudging, not seeking fights or honoring other religions to the expense of its employees, associates, owner, or customers. ATLAS is not great or big, however this foundation is for the conscience concerning christian work. Money exchange allows for indifference to religion or bias about exchange, that the exploitation of such is not honorable to make life suitable for yourself at the expense of others. The abuse is using money to judge others, and the practice of not allowing certain people to be together. Atlas does respect others respectful practice and religions or gods, but does not join with the abuse of weaponizing anything to the harmful Lording over others. Atlas does not honor those in religious institutions methods and means of discipline or enforcement of God benefactors therefore of blessing and cursing, marriage economics, etc. Atlas takes the standing of allowing a particular God and man who some call Jesus, however the belief of choosing not to call that person Jesus as a wrong name is a protected right, Atlas will still honor economically and socialy all religions and faith variations if productive and sustainable as to a good community, not using the names of religion or love for shameful gain, rather to earn ones own living. The owner does not respect those who dishonor others by weaponizing faiths, economies, anything even friendships to the ends that they may rule over everyone and everything. the practice seems to be what those who study, Herodians, scribes, and phrases. Atlas also recognizes the community division of harassing religions based on economics and a combination of opportunity, hubris, and making people judged. Atlas recognizes that money is needed for an institution to work, all things being relative, and the fact it cannot tell anyone what to do except in house, and that may be exploited even inconspicuously. Atlas honors a war of words concerning religion and all its debating, as the government gives freedom of speech. The institutional right to bare arms and freedom of speech are important, and if someone finds that ruins religions, so be it. 





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