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Energy efficient systems

Energy efficient systems for Home or Business. New construction and existing, the future of high efficiency is improving the environment and quality of life for many. Let ATLAS develop your next project into reality.

Construction and

Construction and management for home and business.  ATLAS is Building and growing as a company toward innovation within the contracting community. 

Technology Consulting

ATLAS is developing technologies for the end purpose of improving existing systems. Innovations require insight and that is the resource and reason for development. Forward thinking in many demographics.

Service for religious or the non religious 

ATLAS  is a for profit company. It is the owners consideration to adopt neutral and personal chaplain like resources as an institutional consideration.  The owner would like to write according to separate and cooperative views about diverse christians and diverse non christians. It is with freedom and service to mention the commands from the beginning and mosaic prophetic principles placed in heaven and not earth, therefore remembering where the Prophet, Priest, and King are. Unbelievers are a law unto themselves therefore a chaplain cannot change who they are from heart and mind yet serve them. The owner of Atlas takes the standing of confessing a particular Lord man who some call Jesus to rather be called Yeshua or Iesus methodically about doctrine, also removing the term church as a valid authority of a christian persons work or life environment staunchly to just anyone who believes. The Church translation called the Bible is for the Church and does not help to instruct Ekklesia dimensionally as they are anywhere. Church can have Ekklesia inside, but cannot be both Church and Synagogue translated to mean Ekklesia without causing all institutes to mistranslate meaning for each person alive. Atlas will still honor economic and social religions and faith variations if productive and sustainable as to a good community so treating human beings humanely. Leaven or hypocrisy of Scribes and Pharisees is a teaching I believe to be the Bible succeeding the original content and so empirical in any nation or business.  An antonym Antipas, is a character affectionately named by God to be a faithful witness in an ekklesia (gathering) in greek, distinctly different from the murderer Herod Antipas. The institutional right to bare arms and or freedom of speech is important separately and individualistic and not Christian so obeying elders means obeying all your elders. Regardless of the owners personal views, the right to attend Church venue or any variation of synagogues is a freedom and the owner is not attacking those rights, rather explaining a separation of Church, Ekklesia, also Government. Trafficking can happen to anyone and not just christians even in families or institute to embarrass, frighten, manipulate, enslave, humiliate, or gain inhumanely over sincere people. Insincere Gain of partners or sex or loyal fallowing is not the conscience of the owner to do even if alone.  The owner only plans to use freedom of speech to deal with any issues respecting institute, spirituality, religion, ethics, and so on. The owner believes in a Female God the Pneuma and woman then women potentially are Lord in varied ways as members. Men as Yeshuas members and the Father as the greatest in heaven distinctly then called God the father, then Yeshua made clear he was not the Father but you see the Father in him because of the Pneuma. A person says Yeshua is Lord and God in the pneuma because of the connection to heaven.  A christian must be Born again as Yeshua the Lord is from a spiritual woman. Women have the faith role in giving birth based on holistic loving set apart from physical birth since it says she will be saved through child barring. A child is enveloped in water of the womb and all creation was created from water, and she says let anyone who wants the free gift of the water of life drink freely. I find it preferable to baptize woman with her child teaching her these things.  I personally believe these things and would not enforce them with institute because institute seems for everyone to be in agreement reasonably. 





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